Our GRIP + GLOW venture started as a lockdown project for myself and my two teenagers. I was trying to home school and decided that as a break from the norm we would create a body grip for polers - like me. 
For business study lessons we would design a product, brand and develop this website. 
Science lessons would be covered by the research, measurements, formulation and experiments needed to create the grip.
What started on paper quickly progressed to experiments (not all good haha). We enjoyed working together, it was just what we needed and kept us all sane from the home schooling. 
Once we had the product base we went through at least 15 fragrance options before settling on the 4 we decided to work with and develop for our product range. Our fragrance tester (dad) had to sample all 30+ attempts of the different blends and strengths and not all were liked! 
Before we knew it our brief to design a body grip was done!
We did it! GRIP + GLOW was born!
 We all loved it and I was wearing it all day as I loved how all of our fragrances smelt and moisturised my skin. However, I didn't like the grippy additive for day to day wear, so it was back to formulation and experiments until we arrived at GLOW BEAUTIFUL - our everyday range thats perfect for all occasions and most importantly a daily moisturiser for polers (if you know you know).
The next step was to send our product off to be thoroughly checked, tested and authorised by the cosmetics lab before we could launch our lovely products to you lovely people. 
We had great fun giving our products names, (a little wacky but we hope they make you smile). 
Coming up with our brand name took us several weeks... we had some help from a friend on that one eventually (thanks Kelly).
The family theme continued when we handed over our initial sketches and word processor mock ups to my sister, graphic designer Louise Green and she brought to life our labels and branding. Thank you xoxo
Excitement bubbled while waiting for our physical product to arrive!
Finally hooray! Its here, its amazing and were ready for business.
So now we’re in business! 
We hope you love our products as much as we do!
Thank you for reading our story
The Hickey Family