Lets Talk SKIN!

Lets Talk SKIN!

So summer skin vs winter skin...

I have naturally dry skin and years of poling made me consider what was going on with my skin to make such a difference to performance on the pole, some weeks leg grip was awesome and some i could not stay on the pole for a second! Deeply frustrating! But the seasons had a massive impact and it seemed like that was just how it was.... 

So i asked why.... I started to research different skin types, factors that contribute to dry skin, I started to pay more attention to products and their contents to try and choose products that would help with my skin. I trialled countless products with varying effects but there was nothing that would tick all the boxes, until now....


So why do we love our summer skin so much more than our winter skin? 

Its all to do with moisture... In the summer the humidity actually adds moisture to our skin which improves grip and general condition of your skin. 

In winter the cold weather and heating strips our skin of moisture effectively dehydrating it leaving us with dry and ashy skin. Other factors also contribute, like wearing thicker layered clothing such as denim that will absorb our natural oils, even shaving less (I personally don't do as much hair removal in winter). 

So in summer (I shave my legs more regularly) shaving is an exfoliant which helps remove dead skin cells for skin regeneration, I wear looser clothing, skirts, shorts etc which isn't absorbing my natural oils helping retain its natural moisture levels. 


So do we need grip in summer? 

YES, especially GRIP + GLOW, our ingredients don't just add a topical application of grip on the skin's surface it actually draws the moisture into the skin and locks it in giving you not only added grip while training but preventing your skin from drying out al together, promoting heathy skincare.


So how can we get all year round healthy skin?

Choose a glycerin based moisturiser (or grip) as this helps retain moisture.

Avoid alcohol based products as alcohol will strip your skin of its natural oils and dehydrate the skin. 

Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and promote skin regeneration.

Give yourself a skincare routine, regular application of GLOW BEAUTIFUL our moisturiser or BODY REHAB exfoliation will help promote health (and more grippy) skin.



Lisa xx





Thanks for reading. In this blog I am not claiming to be a skincare professional, I found this information while compiling my own research and consulting with our Lab formulators while developing our product ranges.

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