GLOW BEAUTIFUL -Skin Care - Gaga For Grapefruit
GLOW BEAUTIFUL -Skin Care - Gaga For Grapefruit

GLOW BEAUTIFUL -Skin Care - Gaga For Grapefruit

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Our Glow Beautiful Range has been reformulated at the lab to provide you leading skincare for everyday use. 


Our powerhouse ingredients include HYALURONIC ACID penetrates to the derma layer of your skin, plumping with its ability to hold 50x its weight in water! 

PRO VITAMIN B5 with its smoothing properties that locks in moisture and reduces fine lines and uneven skin tone. 

we also have a WATER BASE so these ingredients get to work straight away drawing on the base. 

OIL + ALCOHOL FREE leaving your skin refreshed  and revitalised. 


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Made with Pink Grapefruit essential oil! An Intense  and bold fragrance! The benefit of grapefruit essential oils are well documented and some of these include - anti bacterial, anti depressant, removes toxins from the body, cellulite, acne.... the list goes on! take a look for yourself -

Our GLOW BEAUTIFUL range  is designed for everyday wear and has a non sticky formula that moisturises your skin, amazing fragrance and light reflecting pigments, so when the light hits you glow! ​

GLOW BEAUTIFUL is great for Pole Fitness enthusiasts that would like to use a pole safe moisturiser for daily use to maintain a good skin care regime this is not a grip. 

Our ingredients continue to draw moisture into the skin giving you moisturised and glowing skin all day long!

GLOW BEAUTIFUL is not limited to only the pole world, our products are suitable for everyone.  Great on all skin types and especially effective for dry skin. ​

Just simply spray directly onto your skin and GLOW.


This product is 100% VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE


 Once opened use within 12months 



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